For Sale by Owner MLS Made Easy is a For Sale By Owner service provided by licensed real estate brokerage, Innovative Real Estate Ltd. in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is an exciting new option for those who wish to sell their home privately without using the full bundle of services provided by traditional for sale by owner companies or real estate brokerages. We are not just a discount MLS® service. By using our a la carte approach home sellers can pick what they need from our menu of real estate services and pay only for those services. Why pay for a whole bundle, if all you want is a Flat Fee MLS® Listing and perhaps, a lawn sign? We offer everything the home seller may need for a successful sale at a fraction of the cost of a traditional For Sale By Owner Company. We are not just a Halifax Private Sale Service.In fact, we can list your home wherever it is located in Nova Scotia.


The A-La-Carte advantage is our efficient, knowledgeable and personal approach, as well as our direct access to MLS® &®. Other flat rate real estate companies offer expensive service packages containing things you probably don’t need to sell your house, before you get the privilege of purchasing an MLS® listing – for an additional fee. With our menu of real estate services you start with MLS® and buy only what you need and nothing more. Compare and start building your package today.